Monday, October 31, 2011

Life is a Mess: Crab Mentality

 This piece just came into my mind while i  was so disgusted with some events happening right now. I just want to speak it loud so i can let it go away then  let myself free..

Life is a Mess: Crab Mentality

Life is amess
you need to clean it by yourself
full of envious people everywhere
whom you thought was your family.

Envy is a sin
You can't take away fromthem.
Why do they have to be this insensitive?
Why do they nedd to be this bad?
Is this an extended family
They say something you can treasured?
Or a part of your life,
you want to throw away and forget?

Life is a mess
but with family it'll be fine
but what is a family
when everybody feels hatred?
from first to last childern
from oldest to youngest cousin
whom can you be proud of?
when everybosy is being empowered
by this thing we called "crab mentality"?

Money, property
the root of this problem
no one can succeed
for one will be angry
whan an extended family
i wished i never had.

They can't say nothing about me
for i became the good person
a slave to everybody
a bully star to my cousin
judging  me is what they can't do
because i will be a big lost, not them.

I wished i never had them
how painpul it may seem
but what we need is an open eye
to solve this thing we called Crab Mentality.

Super emotional poem. I don't know where it came. I don't know how i did it. It just happened.


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