Saturday, January 30, 2016 0 comments

I Shall Return

I had to left this blog when I bought my own domain. I didn't forget to update this one, I just decided to stop. And now, I am coming back to this. Its been a month when the hosting of my blog expired. I didn't notice that until I checked my blog. And now i lost everything. Not really, i have to choose between paying the hosting dues and retrieve every post I created, or change the hosting and lost everything.

I think that to start something better for this year, I could just delete every post I made with my other blog and give a few shot to what I am really wanting to write. A novel? A short love story? A poem? I don't know yet. It's really hard to decide. I need to discuss this with a friend, if I relly want the best decision.

As of now, I am returning to this blog. My blog. This shows who I am, before and now. This will lead you to the inner soul of mine. So please, if you are interested, show me some sign. Some effort. Maybe you should start reading this blog.

Your's truly,