Saturday, October 15, 2011

So what if i am still SINGLE?

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Twenty-one years. Twenty-one years and i am still single. Not a single month or year in my life that i spent with such "special someone". But i do know what is love. I know how it feels not to be loved, to be taken for granted or to be ditched by that person whom you truly loved.

Twenty-one years, Christmas is about to come and still i belong to a group we called "SMP", Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko. I don't know why everybody is so concerned about me being a single lady, it's unlikely that i am the only one in this world that is loveless. Well, yeah, somewhat its true. :)

I never had a boyfriend. And that is the truth. Before, i feel like something is wrong with me because there are no guys i've known that was into me. But as i grew up and become more matured, i began to understand everything. Being a single is being unique. Being a single is being strong. And being a single is fun.

single, relationship, still single, status singleNow, let me give you a little background of me when boys are around. I can take jokes, i can play jokes with boys. Green or not, i'm in. Whenever someone is teasing me with a guy, i always blush. I don't know why, my cheeks will always turns into red. As a girl, i am different. I always feel like making the first move, but believe me or not, i hate doing it. When i am having a crush to someone, i sometimes get his number, a am being friendly to him, being nice or just being attention seeker when he's around. Maybe that is a total turn off.

As of now, my friends at the office are bugging me of having a boyfriend. Hello!! It does not depend on me. It depends on God's plans for me. I can wait. I can wait for that very special love story He got for me. I love being single because i never wanted to be chased by a guy. I want myself to chase a guy. See, how different i am?

So, who cares if i am still SINGLE?
I will be a hypocrite if i say that i am not looking for a boy to call my own, but i would rather pray for that guy than to look in nowhere. :)

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