Saturday, April 28, 2012 1 comments

Special Person in my Heart

Life is never really what we wanted it to be. But God gave us things we need and some precious gifts that we will always keep in our hearts.

God gave me this person whom I fell for. I love her. Yes a girl named Maybelle. We did fun, we had fun. We laughed at our silly jokes, fought over stupid conversations and slept with phone hung on our ears.  We were so different from each other. I am the emotional type with foolishness and she was the not-so-sweet type of person whom I always wanted her to be.

I am happy with her, a feeling I haven't felt for a long time. I feel secure with her, and I feel so special when she holds my hand. Fingers to fingers, so sweet as i remember.

Sunday, April 22, 2012 1 comments

Looking Back for Being This STRONG :)

They say that the very best revenge you can give to those people who have hurt you is being happy despite the fact that you are broken. At first, I thought it was hard, but then I realized one thing. It is indeed the best revenge.

I have been hurt thousand times, yet I am standing still. Why? It's not that I am strong but because I have God and the people who truly loves me by my side. My heart has been broken, many times I can't even remember how many, but still here I am.

I regret those times that I feel so stupid and desperate for some people who doesn't even want to welcome me in their lives. But then, I feel so successful that I did entered in their lives by doing crazy things.

One I can't forget was the memories with Gener, he was very special, though he doesn't like or love me back. I did things to get his attention, did I succeed? No and yes at the same time. For the first time in my life, he was the only man i ever imagined to live my life with. Crazy, right?

Now, almost a year had passed since we had our last conversation. Things with him left me hanging with questions, doubts, confusions, hurts and eye opening truths. Though he treated me bad, or should I say not that well, still I can stand to be mad at him. Its his prerogative not to like me, and i swear he played fair by being nice to me. With him, I learned a lot of things, I imagined loads of things and realized that he was given to me because he has to teach me something.

He never liked me, i knew it and felt it. But he treat me nice. Lesson learned? Accept that not everybody can love you as much as you love them. Accept the fact that someone can't really be a part of your dream life.

He never had return calls or texts when he has his girlfriend and when i am deeply falling for him. Lesson learned? What he did was good. It is always better to avoid things so that I can't be hurt much further and so there would be no conflicts with his relationship.

I never knew his side, but i knew him deep inside.
Hw would never believe how much impact he made to my life, but i am really thankful, that once in my life, i had him. and he became one of the reason why I am much stronger now.

Thanks Gener, wherever you are from now. 
I moved on, though there was no deep connection between us and we've never been. I thank you. I really do. :)