Saturday, November 19, 2011 1 comments

Who's Faking It??

 I've changed, i noticed that
With no reason, without a doubt
I don't know how, I can't tell why
Should i let it win?
Should i let it go?
What else can i do, it's all over my system?

I was so weak, I was in vain
then something came, i became so strong
i learned to hide, i learned to fake
Just to be brave when someone is in pain.
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 1 comments

If I Die Young :)

If I Die Young, last will, wishes
If I Die Young, last will, wishes

 Since we are celebrating this special day to remember those people whom left us in this world with or without a word, a topic came into my mind. I remember the song "When I Die Young" and i decided to write my own will. Its not that i am expecting death, i just think that this one is a good topic right now..