Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Times like this seems never to last
When every emotion to have is only confusion and being afraid
Afraid on what's going to happen next
Afraid that it might be the last.

Times like this, i always seem to panic
But i can't help it
this heart of mine is not strong enough
to bear this fear that lived in my soul
from the longest time i can't even tell when.

Since i was a little
this fear grew into huge pieces
Yet i can't yell,
yet i can't tell
its only I who knew this all along
that i am a scary little girl
with no hand to hold.

Now that i am a lady
smart enough to say things i wanna say
i can't still stand on my own
only fear comes along my way.

i don't know what to do
think of positivity is not worth trying for
negative things also fell back
with this life of mine
I don't know where  to go.


Los Angeles wrongful death lawfirm said...

making yourself calm is one of the most easy way to come up with that situation. Their no such thing as a big prayer.

joy said...

why so sad ? you have GOd, family and friends .. :)

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