Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who's Faking It??

 I've changed, i noticed that
With no reason, without a doubt
I don't know how, I can't tell why
Should i let it win?
Should i let it go?
What else can i do, it's all over my system?

I was so weak, I was in vain
then something came, i became so strong
i learned to hide, i learned to fake
Just to be brave when someone is in pain.
Smile, laugh, pray..
Be positive, don't be sad
God has an answer
God has a plan
Just smile and pray
everything will turn out fine.

This is my safe haven
where no one can hurt me
where no can can make me fall in love
where no one can make fun of me.
This is my place where i am alone
when tears are all over my cheeks
but everybody sees me happy and enjoying.
This is where i belong,
this is my strength
my power to stay alive.

A will to be a friend
A chance to be a guide
Vulnerable no more
To pain i had inside.
Thanks for pretending.
I've changed a lot since then
Now i am happy, to feel no sadness inside me.

That's my new friend.


Anonymous said...

I dont think I've ever read anything that felt like it applied to my life as much as this.

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