Saturday, October 29, 2011

Before 25??

            Today, i attended a 75th birthday celebration of our neighborhood. I barely know the visitors for almost all of them were senior citizens. But while i was watching them taking photos, dancing with the birthday celebrant and sending her their love and appreciation, one thing came into my mind. Will me and my friends stay this close when i am 75 years old? Will my friends on high school be there on my 80th birthday? Or will my friends at present time still be there to tell me how much the appreciates my whole being when i am 85? Funny as i i let mys mind wander on a future that is so close into decades. But happy when i realized that maybe, just maybe, some of them will still be there.

friends, 25, age, dreams

          My name is Bernadette, a typical lady from somewhere. A friend. A daughter. A niece. A sister. A cousin. A best friend. I love it when i am surrounded with many people i can call my own, my friends, my family. And my daydreaming is close to reality. Now, based on what i have in my thoughts at the party, i began to think for my future birthday. Four years from now, i will be celebrating my 25th birthday. A year when i can call myself finally a woman. A year for my Famous friends' 10th year anniversary of friendship. And hopefully a year for new adventures.

Before i jump on my age of 25, here are some lists of things and events i want to be successful with, that i want to share with you..

friends, 25, age, dreams
friends, 25, age, dreams

  • I want to own a Laptop. Okay we have a personal computer, but embrace the truth that i can't bring this pc everywhere i go. I have a blog, my thoughts are wandering, i must always have my laptop by my side whenever i feel like writing.
  • Find the person whom i was born with. :) I am proud being single. But before i accept the fact that i am 25, i want to left behind the NBSB part of me. This is gonna be the start of settling down.
  • I must have bought myself electronic things for my home like my own Television Set, my own player and my own Ref (because i love doing the grocery)
  • If not yet graduate, i must be a student of Clinical Psychology.
  • I must have open a bank account for myself. We never know when i'll be needing money, so i must be prepared.
  •   I still want my old friends to join me throughout the years of my journey. And that will never change no matter how many years will have to come.

There, at the moment, i lost the thing i have on my mind. But these are what matters most I think. And i believe, with much perseverance, success will kiss my life. :)

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joanne :) said...

nice nice.. :)) 2k nah viewer mu bhez... hehehe,, :)im so happy for you.. keep it up... :) mwah.!!

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