Monday, October 31, 2011

Cleanin' Out my Grandpa's Nest :)

This is what happens when November 1 is about to come. We visits the cemetery, cleans the place of our beloved someone who passed away and stays before November 2 arrives.

As for me, every year i always visit the place of my grandfather. I love him this much, that's why even in cleaning his place, i did it without thinking how tiring it would be. My grandparents have six children, 13 grandchildren. But knowing this family is going through some moments. Moments, events i can't explain.

Anyway, yesterday, me, my brother and sister along with my grandam went to the cemetery for an early cleaning. The place was so filthy with dust and dead leaves everywhere. I started cleaning the upper part which is the celing and my brother cleaned the side part of me.

See? We were so busy, we didn't even noticed that my younger sister is taking up some photos of us while cleaning. Can you believe a petite young lady like me can do this job for almost five hours? Tiring isn't it? im STROOOOONG!! :))

I worked so hard to clean my grandpa's nest. :) Sorry, i always turned my back when my sister is taking some photos of me. I was kinda embarrassed and shy. 

Hope you did the same to give some love back to those people who passed away. Either it is All Saint's day or not, we must always remember them, with all our hearts!

Happy Halloween everyone.
My sister who took all those photos :)

♥ lady bhadz


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