Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If I Die Young :)

If I Die Young, last will, wishes
If I Die Young, last will, wishes

 Since we are celebrating this special day to remember those people whom left us in this world with or without a word, a topic came into my mind. I remember the song "When I Die Young" and i decided to write my own will. Its not that i am expecting death, i just think that this one is a good topic right now..

So here are my list, If I Die Young...

  • I want my dress to be light pink.
  • I want my favorite songs to be played.
  • I want to see some videos made for me from my friends.
  • I want to hear how important i am on my burial.
  • I want everybody to wear pink.
  • I want pink roses, pink balloons and pink tarpaulin.
  • I want him to be there on my burial.
  • I want Famous to come on my burial, COMPLETE.
  • I want my family to be there.
  • I want to see all of my friends; Tsukol, Eccle, Rizalian, Zuzu, Shenzeli, Juan Cee and PLPians.
  • I want PEACE. :)
There, funny as it seem. Simple as it seem. But i guess, even on our last day here on Earth, we want our wishes to be granted. So what's yours to share??


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