Sunday, December 11, 2011

the only exception: Brielle

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gotta get" 

Since the day i have watched Forrest Gump, these words became my words. From the moment i realized it was right, things became clear. Throughout my life, unexpected things keep on happening. And this one is something i never thought i could ever experience.
October of 2011, regular shift on our office had new trainees for the position of graphic designer/website designer. It is unlikely new to us, but what caught my attention was the newest trainee. The smallest of the group, someone who doesn't seem to talk much, different and someone i never thought I'll get close with. And honestly, i had my first impression as the basis of having what is used to think about "her".

Since the day i was born, i haven't much time getting involve with lesbians, i doesn't even have a single friend of their kind, that's why when first saw this new trainee, i instantly doesn't paid much attention to her. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against them, its just that i was just too busy lurking myself with boys and gays are usually the friends i choose to have.

It was right, and always been right. I proved a thousand times; those people whom you didn't liked before will be the people whom you'll value the most in the present and maybe even in the future.

So, here's our story. But, I'll clear one thing. She is just a bestfriend to me, nothing more, nothing less.

Okay. I really don't know how things started to get better between us. It was November 7, 2011 when i first got her number. I was trying to be friendly with her because she was the only designer left on our shift, mostly were on the graveyard shift. I noticed that she was too quiet so i started talking to her. The first thing i told her? "wow! may ATM ka na! Manlibre ka naman!" And from there, she treated us a barkada treat on Greenwich. Almost all of us is our shift which was not that many. :)

After texting that night, we became a continuous texter, then became callers as well. Why? Because i became a bridge for her and for our office mate (girl also) without knowing that we became this close and our office mates were actually having a doubt on our friendship. And also because my friend didn't gave her the chance to court her.

At some point we also noticed that, we were so close to each other, we tell everything to each other, we're happy being with each other and we play along too much. We text a lot, we call each other a lot and we decided a LOT. :)

As of now, i could tell that she's super like a best friend to me. Just like what Joanne is to me ( if you can still remember, i have written much of her :) ). Deeper relationship is not gonna happen between us. Why? Because being friends will be the best relationship we could offer between us and this is where we'll remain close to each other.
She is the only exception. The only lesbian i let to intrude my life. The only lesbian I can always call a friend. She's important, special to me. And just like my other super duper friends, i can;t let her go. I don't want this friend of mine to leave me just because of what she is. I love her as my friend and that's the way it will always be. :) And this post wants to let her know how much she means to me and so with the relationship we have right now - friendship :)

Brielle - The only exception.



Anonymous said...

This is a good sign that the walls are coming down and you are learning to trust.I am sure you will have many happy relationships in all areas of your life now.Happy Xssy Beautiful xx

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