Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Lolo and Lola's Unconditional Love

Me when I was a kid with my grandparents :)
Today, we are celebrating Grandparent's Day. And because of that, i decided to write something about them. I am not really that close to my family but we do a lot of things together, we do fun memories and though we are not as showy as others', i know we love each others.

Its hard for me to talk about my family because of the set-up i had to grew up with. The only thing I know is that I am my Lolo's favorite apo and my lola loves me so much, she has to do things for me without any demand.

I know they will not able to read this but i am hoping they can feel my silent love as a greatest love an apo can ever give to any grandparents (gosh, i feel like crying).

All my life I have been living with my lola, we call her Lola Piling. She was the kind of lola that is so strict when it comes to spending my days away from home, gala-gala or overnights (or only with me), sometimes she become bad-tempered and hates everybody on our house, she loves playing Bingo and God knows how kind she is. Too kind for her children to easily over-power her. I may not able to say it but i am proud to say that I am her granddaughter. 

My lola often treat me as if i am still her five-year-old apo. She fixes my breakfast, my daily baon to my office, she wakes me up, she cooks food for me, she laundries my clothes and even cleans the house for me. I know i must be lucky, but sometimes i want to tell to stop because she might get tired and she might get sick. Bu she wouldn't dare to stop. Hard-headed, right? Also, I often encounter the feeling of guilt when I accidentally yells at her. Of course, it was not intended but sometimes I feel that she is too makulit and i can't help but feel disgusted.

Now, i am trying to be more patient, to be more understanding to my Lola. I will try to be a good apo to her. I will accompany her to Bingo and give her some bucks. :)

As to my lolo, he died when i was only six year old. Until now, i feel so sad when i remember him but i always said to myself that I am lucky because there is someone very close to me that is now on God's side to guide me and turn me into the right side. My lolo is the only special guy I ever had in my life. I love him so much I can't even let go of him.

We always go and visit him at the cemetery. We bring flowers and light candles. We say our prayers, stay for a while, eat and leave. And i know, even when I have my own family, I will still do the same routine as well.

Let me tell you a story before my lolo died (he had an emphysema). He was too ill when i was in Kindergarten, that is why until now i am so puzzled why one day i saw him riding on his bicycle passing on my school without stopping by. Without even knowing, i cried and cried until my mother came to fetch me. After that incident, I don't know why but I slept on my tita's house on the next door to our house. My mama, lola and other tita left to work. By the time i woke up, i went to our house to ask my lolo if he wants pandesal. But when i came there, he was already dead.

I had regrets of not being there, but how should I know? I was only a six year-old kid that time. And now, at the age of 21, I can still feel my lolo's guidance in every aspect of my life. He's always been there for me though bad and good times. I know he can hear my prayers and it will be given on time. For my Lolo Tacio, i love you so much and I really missed you.

So for every grandchildren out there, let us all give our sweetest gestures to our grandparents. Because the fact is, Our grandparents are the people who will never left us. They will always be our "kakampi" no matter what battles we are in.

♥lady bhadz


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