Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Just Need A Little Space

Okay, maybe what you were thinking was Neyo's song "Little Space". Yes, i am singing that song in my mind today..

Have yo ever felt of being a runaway person? Like you want to stay away from everybody? Like you want to be alone and find yourself? Maybe you need a little space.

little space, alone, thinking, space
That's what I awfully need right now. A space. The say, "even words need some space to be understood", maybe i need that too for me to be understood. I don't know what's gotten to me. I just feel to have some space from everybody. And when I say everybody, it means everybody. No exception.

But as I wrote this post, what I've realized is that I can't be away from my friends nor by my family. I need them. I need a hug. I need someone to make me understand the uncertainty of this world. Who am I to escape from this obstacle when everybody who loves me extend their hands just to comfort me? I guess their sympathy for me is not enough. What i need is to kill this insecurities that lingers on my mind right now.


Do i really need a space? I guess not. I guess yes. Its a matter of how i am going to deal with this emotion. 

I just need a little space. Little that i know what a space really means. I just, i just need this to think. To think of some possibilities. Maybe i don't need this because it can take away from friends from me. I really don't know.

I don't know how to finish this mess. Its pissing me off. And what the heck am i thinking this now. A cut is not an answer and never will be. I just need some space. :)


joanne :) said...

emotera kah BON..
hahaha,,, iwasan nah xe ung insecurities...
may masabi lang.. epal lang..

don moda said...

everybody needs to be away and be with oneself from time to time, our "alone-time" so to speak - to regroup, to meditate, and yes, "to think of some possibilities." This is a necessity and a need, not a luxury.
so bernadette, take heart and i hope you do get your alone-time.
you take care now.

lady bhadz said...

Thanks for the comment :)

@JOANNE..makaemotera ka naman..talgagang BON.. ill take away those insecurities.. haha

@don moda thank you for your comment.. i really appreciate those words from you.. i'll take your words.. thanks!

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