Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maria Aragon on the Bottomline

Maria aragon, youtube sensation, Maria Aragon on the Bottomline
“I’m just a girl who wants to sing.”
- Maria Aragon

I am not really a fan of this Youtube sensation, Maria Aragon, but I am hearing her name for the past few months. Me and my officemates even had an argument about who sung the theme song of the movie “Way Back Home”, either Maria Aragon or Angeline Quinto. I haven’t even seen this young lady’s picture out of nowhere until tonight.

Banana Split was done and Bottomline is to follow. Without any idea that their guest is going to be Maria Aragon. I got curious and watched the whole show. By the time Tito Boy started asking her questions I was surprised on how this eleven year old young lady answers the questions knowingly. I watched carefully and by that time I liked her instantly.

It was the first time I had the chance to watch her singing. And wow! Her voice was amazing. And not only her voice but boy, this girl has the personality, has the quality of being an idol. Through her interview, I found out how close she is to God knowing that she lived in Canada most of her life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Canada is not a religious country but I was just surprised.

Considered as one of our Pinoy Pride, Maria is very courteous although we haven’t heard her saying “po”. She talked to Tito Boy with much respect and answered to his question with much honesty. Yes, now I am into Maria Aragon. She has many strong positive vibes and everybody can see it. It’s not because she became a guest on Ellen Degeneres Show or Good Morning America, because even if she doesn’t, I would probably like her with that attitude she possessed.

If you watched the Bottomline, you’ll probably agree with me. Maria doesn’t even seem to notice how popular she is, for her she’s just “widely known” by many people. She gets nervous but her prayer settles the situation. I have learned something from her. First is to accept who you are, second is to be thankful with what you have and third, to respect other’s people choices on what they want on their lives. Furthermore, it is to go with the flow because everything is on God’s plan for us. Simple lessons yet hard to carry out.

So, to Maria Aragon, you have a long way to travel for more improvements. Good luck to you and keep the faith. You had my spirit soar. :)


Rane Saga said...

i agree with you..Maria Aragon is so humble inspite of all the fame that she's getting. Love her

Caryl said...

You're absolutely right. Maria Aragon is very down to earth. I thought she was just one of the cover singer turned record artist. But, when I watched Bottom Line, I was wrong. She's amazing, prayerful, and humble. :)

I followed! I'm Caryl. I found your link on the I <3 Books homepage btw. Mind following back? :)

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