Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life Without a Computer.

I've been out for so long. Guess our computer wants me to think about what i am going to share on this blog of mine. Well, i've got every topic on my mind right now. I just don't know if its okay for me to post them.

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In our generation, having your computer not working properly or your internet connection is interrupted by wrong connections is such a no-no. I usually work on my computer for hours, and not touching it make my life incomplete. i can't share what i feel, i can't express my words. This blog, my computer is like a bestfriend to me. Some one who listens.

It was almost a month till my computer got corrupted by some kind of virus i can't tell. It was low moment of my life. Then all my files, the videos i made, the songs i downloaded and the pictures were bow a memory to me. Pretty disappointing, right?

What i've learned from this is, in everything we do, we must save something. We must create a back-up. So when something like this happens again, we're ready.

Guess, i have to go now. Chop chop now. :)

Please wait and support me more. :)


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