Saturday, August 6, 2011

Songs That Will Make You Remember Your First Love

Silly but I consider myself as an “NBSB” or commonly known as someone who is No Boyfriend Since Birth type of person at the age of twenty-one. Yeah, you would be wondering why, and to tell you the truth I really don’t know why.  

I was just like any teenage young ladies; friendly, loud, kind, witty and full of dreams. And like them, I also had my first love.  Well, actually I was not quite sure if that was my first love knowing that it was a one sided love.

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Anyway, I feel like sharing these songs that makes me tingle while listening because it reminds me of how I acted when I was in love. Somewhat the feeling is like butterflies are circling on my stomach, and memories of us lingers on my mind.

      •  Baby You’re my Destiny by Jim Brickman
Baby all we need is just a little faith, cause baby I believe that love will find a way.
In my case, I guess love is not enough. It’s nice to hear this song to be sang by that special person of mine to me. It’s amazing if ever the two of us were destined to be forever, to be as one. Almost three years of waiting taught me that destiny is for those who believes in it and not to those who love one-sidedly.

      •  I Fall so Deep by Gary Barlow
“Because I fall so deep, you never know how far I go. And I know why heart speak desperately..I fall so deep.”
To be honest, I fell deeper than anybody could have thought. I gave everything I can for a love I knew will never be mine. I was so desperate for him to love me back. I laugh at myself when I remember those things I never thought I’ll do for a person.

      • Finally Found Someone by Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand
“My favorite line was ‘can I call you sometime’, it’s all you have to say to take m y breath away.. This is it! I finally found someone.. ”
I’ve always thought that he is really is “the one” for me. The one my heart was looking for. The one to spend my whole life with. Like there are no other guys out there waiting for me but him.

      •  Till There was you by The Beatles
“There was love all around but I never heard it singing, no I never heard it at all.. Till there was you.”
Till there was him. Of course, I do have a crush before I met him but things had changed. In an instant, everything became colorful, life became more interesting and love became a challenge. Till there was him, every little thing in my life had given a meaning.

      • Save the Best for Last by
“And now were standing face to face, isn’t this world a crazy place? Just when I thought our chance had passed.. You go and save the best for last.”
I just felt that though I was always been there for him, he just can’t see me, he just can’t see my effort, he just can’t see how much he means to me. This song is one of the songs I’ll be having for our wedding, if ever he’ll go and save the best for last.

      •  Again by Janet Jackson
“How can I be strong, I’ve asked myself time and time I’ve said.. That I’ll never falling in love with you again. ”
The first two lines of this song really caught me in action. When I knew that he’ll be working near to me, the memory suddenly haunt me. What a real co-incidence in our lives. I was shocked, so were my friends, but he’s not. Still, it doesn’t change anything. I keep telling myself not to fall for him again.

      • Maybe This Time by Michael Martin Murphy
“Maybe this time, It’ll be love and they’ll find.. Maybe now they can be more than just friends..”
Maybe this time. I wonder when could be that time is. Maybe when that time comes, it’ll be him to realize my worth. It’ll be him to love me and show efforts. Maybe when that time comes, love will be on our side. Just maybe.  

      • One Day in Your Life by Michael Jackson
“One day in your life, you’ll remember the love you found me. You’ll remember me somehow. Though, you don’t need me now I will stay in your heart. ”
Nobody knows but it could happen. One day in his life, he’ll remember a girl named Bernadette that once loved him yet he drove her away. I know that after all this time, I had a place in his heart. And he will always remember me.

I did not do it in purpose but if you have been really reading this post, you must have notice that the songs were in order. From how I fell for that guy to forgetting about him then seeing and loving him again and lastly, hoping for that happy ending. It’s just happened. 

Whoever he is. Wherever he is. I know that he is absolutely fine and having the time of his life. I’m just happy that once in my life, I had a “plend” like him.


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LOL i love this :)

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i ♥ it s the songs..kaiyak aman...i remembr my first hearbreAk 2loy...

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