Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Need To Pee

Whenever we feel frightened, excited or exaggerated happiness, we suddenly feel the rush to use John. The line “I need to pee” is one of the famous lines Forrest Gump has ever had. Actually, for me it is more like a scapegoat. Especially when we try to avoid something, like a question or events.

I need to pee! I almost blurted those lines when I got trapped in a heavy traffic on my way to work. Of course I couldn’t just do that because I am in a public vehicle. I am not that special to ask them to stop and let me pee for a while. Too close to impossible. But what else can I do? I am wiggling like a teenager who just saw her crush smiling at her. Gladly we started moving.

I need to pee! The first words to announce that I am already in my office. I don’t even say good morning and wave to my friends; I just rushed and went to the bathroom and pee. And when I’m through, they asked me, “what happened to you?”. I grinned and told them, I peed. 

I really have no idea why in the world I am talking about the need to pee now. Maybe because I am finished reading Forrest Gump. Boy, I loved the movie and so with the novel although there are many scenes that were changed. On that story, whenever Gump is to say something in front of many people, like a speech or whatsoever, John always calls him. 

I need to pee, when he was awarded a pin. I need to pee, when he was about to fly in space. I need to pee, when he became a wrestler. I need to pee, whenever he feels like an idiot.

Somewhere in my mind tells me that I much alike with Forrest (or I just want to imply that), it’s always peeing to set me free from extreme emotions. Particularly when I am so frightened. I am weak and scared-to-death when I hear yelling. When those occurrences slap me on my face, I just feel the rush to pee. 

Another pee moment is when I can’t really help but ‘almost’ pee on my pants. Imagine those funniest moments with your very true friends and all you do is laughing and laughing and laughing about no certain things, which will make you pee on your pants. Those laughing-out-loud moments that nobody can’t take away from you and you will make to remember in your darkest days.

Last I need to pee incident happened in school. Don’t tell me you’ll never use this as an excuse when you get caught on something. Haha. Funny enough is when I used this when I am avoiding myself to be called when it is recitation time. Boy, I would rather spend the remaining hours on the girl’s bathroom than to stand and embarrassed myself because I dunno the answer. Tricky, right? 

Now, my dear readers.. I have to pee. So long!! :)

♥lady bhadz


Rane Saga said...

hehe so funny..i used that line to back in high school and college when i don't want to is much safer to be in the wash room that to look like an idiot in front of the class hehe

Anonymous said...
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