Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writings on my Mind

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Every day, when I wake up, I take a bath and there goes my head again. Spinning and thinking and writing on its own little way. I’ve got plenty of things to say. Plenty of stories to write. Plenty of experience to share. But I don’t know, it is like a hobby of mine to just think of those things and never let them published.

Yesterday, I was thinking of writing a very cool story about being an idiot inspired by the book I am reading; Forrest Gump.  And guess what, inside my mind, the concept is very clear. I had started my first paragraph, then again.. Poof! I can’t say anything no more. It’s always the beginning of the story. I can’t stand on how I would end it.

Today, when I feel the cold water flowing from my head to my body while I was taking my bath, another story came into my mind. It was like something I really wanted to publish.  It was my opinion about the CCP painting scandal. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to write something about that issue ever since I heard the news. But I guess it’s time to knock out the issue.

Another thing is, writing about being a fan and how to reach your idols. I was inspired by Paris Hilton’s fan who got the chance to meet Paris yesterday and today. Wow! How lucky that lady was! (I envy her because I like Paris.) I wish I could meet Garfield someday. (Awesome!!!)

See, my mind is still talking and yelling me about sort of topics I want my blog to have. Later, maybe, just maybe I could tell my mind to speak slowly and let me do my thing. My imagination is bigger than my life, and that’s the hardest part. Cause though it is big, still it is limited. And so with my English. So pardon me guys if you read some wrong grammar here. I am a Filipino not an American or whatsoever that was born to be good at English. I really feel that there is something wrong with my English. LOL.

Anyway, I hope that you guys will follow me till I decided what to write next. Because right now, those writings on my mind are so heavy that I can’t even release them.


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