Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surprises, Love and Reality

It is "ber" month yet I feel like talking about love. Yes L O V E. This is my favorite subject. As always.

Painful Love
When I was younger, I always thought that love could be something so special, something magical. I always thought that it will lead you to infinite happiness. No heartaches, no fights, no dull moments. A relationship bound with honest love, pure love and real love.

But as I grew up, the way I think about love has changed. It is not the same with how I read it my romance books nor understand on a love story. Love is about heartache. It is about sacrifices. It is about being strong for the relationship, for yourself and for your lover. Love can still be special - only when your partner feels the same way. Love can still be magical - let alone with the surprises of gestures and effort. And lastly, love can still lead you to infinite happiness - only when it is reciprocal.

Love and Surprises
I never liked any other love story except for my friends. I never thought they can turn out to be a romantic slave someday. A guy bestfriend of mine once asked me for a birthday surprise. And I was surprised on how he looked so worried about the gift he will give to his girl. The way he delicately choose among those necklaces and stuff toys until he found the perfect pair is so cute of him. Never in my mind that I thought of him becoming that way. Honest bhez, I was surprise. :)

Another friend of mine happened to be a romantic chick that loves all the way. When we were on high school, I remember her having a tarpaulin attached with a balloon and says something how he loves the boy, or was it their monthsary? I can't barely remember now. But the sweetest thing that in my own opinion that she did was to surprise our friend on his 21st birthday. She gathered us, his special friends (HAHAHA) along with his family without him knowing it in a famous restaurant here in Pasig. He was thankful, well, who wouldn't be? I can sense the two of them having a perfect family someday. No kidding.

Also, I want to share these one about another friend of mine. I NEVER thought that he's that passionate about saying sorry for her girl. As he tells us the story, it is either he's proud or he's embarrassed. He had a cartolina written something like "Sorry na Baby" outside her girlfriend's house asking for her forgiveness. This scene was like a scene we've catch in a movie yet seeing you friend doing this is out of the line. You know what E? I adore you for that!

Lastly came from one of my girl bestfriend. Of course! She's the goddess of surprises! Haha. I always love her for her enthusiasm with arts and surprises, that made us click. And to be honest, this is the only relationship she have that she puts too much effort. One effort she made was a couple shirt, design it herself and cut the pieces she needed for it. She went to my house and we assembled each pieces in the t-shirts like puzzle. Also, she asked me to buy two tickets for an opening basketball match for this guy. I swear she was good in making plans like this. She always succeeded. Haha. And hail to her.

Sweet LoveOf course, something romantic that happened on yours truly is  not an exception. Something sweet that I can remember someone did to me? Hmm. It happened last January. I was in an overnight swimming party with some important people and this person, came from a far location, went to the resort - that was about 2am or 3am. I was touched that day. It was the effort. I was glad that she came. So glad.

There... some touche' love scenarios. Finally I have to summoned them up. But guess I have not listed all. Mind you, almost all of my friends, specially the closest ones loves surprises. The reason of why I felt contentment in my life. Because of them I never felt alone. Haha. So much for emotional me, here's the cue:

"Love is about getting yourself hurt to know that it is real. Before you enter a relationship, make sure you are aware of these things. It will not always be a happy ending, there will always be a fight as you are two people becoming one. Happiness will only come when both of you are ready and willing to give each other's heart, life and soul as an exchange."


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