Sunday, November 18, 2012

White, Pink and Green

Colours? What's with these colours? Haha Nothing much but these are about everything. :)

White for a Rose.

Pink for a Fish.
Green for a Turtle and Snake.

So what's the deal? Haha. Couldn't tell much. But I swear, these things made my day complete. Not just because somebody gave them to me, but because of that "someone" that gave these to me. Okay. It's a puzzle. If you can't follow - that's your problem. :D

White for a Rose. When you're late, it doesn't always mean that you need to bribe me with a rose. But knowing you, I was really surprised and stunned when I saw you holding that rose. It was really unlikely you - that's why I am so thankful for this white rose. My expression might not showed it but my heart skipped a beat because of what you did.

Pink for a Fish. Okay. Do some magnet. If you are lucky you can hit the biggest prize, if not - have yourself the smallest prize. And this prize is the fish. Choose among the colour that you preferred. And knowing me? I had to choose pink. It was not much of a game but I had to try to test my "luck". Haha

Green for a Turtle. Wahhhh.. I love this turtle. Thanks for choosing the game and so with this stuffed toy. I really love it. 2 shoots where the lade thought we had 3 shoots. Haha. That's why we had this turtle. Now - that's lucky :) 

Green for a Snake. Haha. I had to try the magnet again. I thought this time, I'll be luckier, but it seems that luck for games has never been on my side. Haha LOL.

Anyway, thank you for these wonderful gifts and for this wonderful day, I really had so much fun. This is way too memorable for us, for me. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much. :)


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