Monday, October 8, 2012

Violation is Violation - Road Accident by a Drunk Driver

Traffic violation. Road Violation. Whatever it is. It is Violation..

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As I was playing Tetris on Facebook, the compound where I am living began to panicked when one of my tito went outside when he heard a loud bump. And as expected, it was one of the vehicles parked outside our place that was hit by a tricycle.

We called for some help from Barangay Tanod and called some police as well. The driver of the tricycle was drunk. Knowing my family, my tito, the owner of the car - we will not let this man not to pay of what he needs to pay. He got too many violations that he was asked to choose.

Some violations we found for him were:
- Driving without license
- Driving while drunk
- Expired (oh well i forgot the term)

Those were the three violations I have overheard when they were discussing the penalties to be charged. Adding to that, if we haven't took action as fast as this, this tricycle driver would've run and might not get punished of what he had done. But, violations are violation.

The car had a deep cut on its door and on its bumper as well. See for the photos:

car damage, road accident, car, damage, side door damage
There's the cut.. Ohh.. It was pretty deep. I wonder how much this will cost??

car damage, road accident, car, damage, side door damage
Better look? Sorry but my camera phone is not that good. But you can still see it.

car damage, road accident, car, damage, bumper damage
Ohh.. look at the bumper. It was damaged as well.

Road accident, Road Problem, Drunk DriverAnd as of the choices given to this driver, it was either he'll pay for the damage (which I guess was his worst choice if ever, it'll cost thousand or less) or he will give his motorcycle to the police and get it tomorrow morning. He seem not to have any good choice, but he has to pay for what he has done. He may not want this to happen, but he must not let himself drive knowing that he was drunk.

Most of the conversation, the only thing that this man said was "pasensya na po", it was not like we're not accepting apologies, but in this case, someone has to pay. If not, others will just follow and will not care. Others will just run away from their wrong move, from their punishment.

The girls from our family, especially my grandma were nervous as we were calling the Barangay tanod. Why? Because the men in our family are hard headed, they might get this man down, but good thing is - cool conversation had it all.

Well, the lesson here is, never let yourself drive when you're drunk, always bring your driver's license (if you don't own nothing, don't drive) and be risky with your actions.


Joseph said...

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Amanda Joson said...

The men in your family handled the situation pretty well. And you are right, the driver should be liable and pay for the damages. But if the car needed quick repairs, take it to the repair shop and talk to your car insurance provider if it is part of your coverage.

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