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Violation is Violation - Road Accident by a Drunk Driver

Traffic violation. Road Violation. Whatever it is. It is Violation..

traffic violation, road violation, drunk driver, driving without license, expired license
As I was playing Tetris on Facebook, the compound where I am living began to panicked when one of my tito went outside when he heard a loud bump. And as expected, it was one of the vehicles parked outside our place that was hit by a tricycle.

We called for some help from Barangay Tanod and called some police as well. The driver of the tricycle was drunk. Knowing my family, my tito, the owner of the car - we will not let this man not to pay of what he needs to pay. He got too many violations that he was asked to choose.

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For the Confused Ones

For the Confused Ones

why does it seem that every words were gone
every ways to be inspired were lost?
you tried to be happy,
you tried to be cheerful,
yet nothing seems to be helping you.

why does it seem that you feel so alone
when surrounded with jolly people?
you tried to come along,
laugh till you drop,
share silly jokes with them,
yet deep inside you're an empty shell.

why does it seem that love is not enough
when everybody's showing this to you?
you can't give your trust
but you can give your words
that everything about you is perfectly fine.
sad about life, confusion, life confusion, confused

you know deep within,
something is missing
something is losing..
you know deep within,
you want something different,
you want more as much as you can give.

you can't fail, you can't give up
simply because you don't want to
any moment, you can feel, you're losing the thread
you're just waiting..
waiting for something new,
waiting for something you've ever wanted.

but what it is?
did you even recognized it?
if not, maybe some will never do.

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An advise against myself.

Confusion, self help, sad
When life gets tough, when changes occur.. who will be your strength? what if your strength is also your weakness? and suddenly, its gone. Who would you turn to?

oh yes, you have your friends, you've got plenty of people, surrounds you as for you to ease the pain. You have them. They'll call you, give you advises you already know but cannot applied to yourself. Easy girl, you know the problem. Deep inside you know what it is.

And yes, that is the toughest of all, this is the hardest. Everybody has gone through it. But why can't you? You keep on fighting against yourself. Do you think that will do fair? Everyone should be the main competitor of their selves. Did you ever know why? For them to become and do good. For them to become more positive in life. People fight against themselves to become better, to increase the faith and  belief that they have for their souls, for their lives. But why can't you? Why does it seem that every time you fight against yourself, you lose? You always get yourself down.

 Listen to me girl, you know who you are, you know the problem, the consequences and the risk.All you need to do is trust yourself. Listen to your heart. Don't be afraid to get hurt, you are beautiful little lady. Be someone that is hard to lose. Be someone worth losing for. 

An advise against myself.

Thursday, August 9, 2012 3 comments

As Habagat Hit the Philippines

A lot of Filipinos had a hard time on how to stand up against the heavy rain fall last August 7, 2012. It caused floods all over the National Capital Region and as well with the provinces near them. But along with this disastrous event, Filipinos seem not to care with what happened and laugh over Habagat to ease their losses. Huge number of houses, properties had been taken away from them. 

But despite of what happened, it is still more fun in the Philippines for the world can see how "Bayanihan" had build up for almost a week. A lot of casualties have been reported and along with that, a lot of help are being offered. That's the Filipinos. We may look happy and smiling our aces with the floods, having fun with the dirty rivers, but hey, we are the strongest ones to face this tragedy.

There were lives taken, people got hurt but in  the spirit of being a Filipino, many rescuers (with families waiting for them) had given their time to save other's lives. We may hate some part of our country, people may hate us like Marin Tan, but nobody can ever do what we can do.

So for every Filipino, keep smiling. God is with us. We made it with Ondoy, we'll sure make it with Hanging Habagat. All we have to do is unite and pray together.

And be proud for being a Filipino. Those jail-men were really amazing. :)

So, here are some photos taken in Pasig City. :)

Pasig City, Pasig Flood, Habagat Philippines, Habagat, Bagsik ni Habagat

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22 Songs I Considered My Favorites (Once in a While)

Second day of July and still I am listing these 22 things of mine. Asking yourself, "why 22 instead of 10 or 15 or something?", the answer is, because your writer is about to turn 22 years old this 11th of July.

I have done my bucket list on foods, now it's time for the songs. The songs I will be listing here are the songs I don't usually listen, but when I hear them plays on the radio, I will keep on playing them on YouTube, but not to download them. Them after a long while, the cycle will happen again.

First and foremost,  I want to say that these song are not listed in any particular order. Let start this now, let's see if we have the same taste in music.

Sunday, July 1, 2012 1 comments

22 Foods I Usually Crave For

I can't consider myself as a total food lover. I won't even try new foods that doesn't suit my taste. I don't know why, maybe because I was born to be this delicate in choosing the foods I'll eat.

No onions on pizza, no mayonnaise on fries, extremely no veggies, to tomatoes, etchetera, etchetera. However, things eventually changed. I have begun to try new foods, tried to eat some veggies and ate on restaurants I haven't tried before. But for some reasons, the same old taste lingers on my tongue and keeps myself crave for them more. 

As my birth month arrives, I'll start my "22 Whatever List" on the foods that my delicate taste buds desires:
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The Best Mid-Year Things in my Life in 2012

Okay. June of 2012 is not yet done. But so what? From January up to this date, many things happened so fast and yet so memorable. Things I never thought that will occur in my life. Let me remind myself of these things again...

January 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, Love

- I got myself a loving lover, a partner, a best friend, a boyfriend.
- I ended up my career on my previous company.

February 2012
2012, Life, Happiness

- Damn, we broke up! (the reason? best damned thing that you can think of)
- First Valentines with flowers and special someone.
- I got a new job as an SEO again.

March 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, Aleph, Paulo Coelho, Pyro olympics

- Got to watch the Pyro Olympics at SM Mall of Asia
- I got a Paulo Coelho's book 

April 2012
2012, Life, Happiness

- Malling with my best friends, done stuffs like singing in videoke and playing games in the arcade.
- We rode and experienced the Extreme (i sorta forget the ride hahaha!)
- I had a small dedicated cake that I've been craving for months!

May 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, keeping you a secret, julie anne peters

- First Summer escapade with my best friends on a white beach at Laiya Batangas. (Firts boating experience, snorkeling and ew things :) )
- I bought my very first LesBiGay book, written by Julie Anne Peters.

June 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, NKOTBSB, serenitea
- I watched a concert with the band I've always adored. The NKOTBSB concert.
- I saw the Azkal team face to face! :)
- I took a picture of me and Misagh. :)
- Swimming on a 9 Wave pool at San MAteo, Rizal.
- I tasted an Okinawa tea with Nata and 50% sugar at Serenitea.

Anyway, I guess I have forgotten some of the things, but hell, these ones are the most memorable to me. And sorry, I can't write the others. See? Time flies so fast. I had not noticed that June is already on its second week. And with tjis, we must really enjoy every second, minute and hour of our lives. Forget the hindrances. Just be ourselves and keep on smiling, even on our problems.

As of now, I am looking forward for July and the rest of the year. And July is my birth month actually. As a promise to myself, I will do extreme things on this year and I will do the things I've always wanted to do. This is the new me. Enjoying my life to the fullest as long as I can.

It doesn't matter if I live my life penniless, as long a I can live my life better and happier with the people who loves me, understands me accepted me for who I really am. For what I really am. :)