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22 Songs I Considered My Favorites (Once in a While)

Second day of July and still I am listing these 22 things of mine. Asking yourself, "why 22 instead of 10 or 15 or something?", the answer is, because your writer is about to turn 22 years old this 11th of July.

I have done my bucket list on foods, now it's time for the songs. The songs I will be listing here are the songs I don't usually listen, but when I hear them plays on the radio, I will keep on playing them on YouTube, but not to download them. Them after a long while, the cycle will happen again.

First and foremost,  I want to say that these song are not listed in any particular order. Let start this now, let's see if we have the same taste in music.

1. Upside Down. By 6CycleMind. Dang! Ney's voice was the most handsome voice for me. Haha. For real. Its very appealing. The way he sang this song, man, I just keep myself listen to every lyrics, to every voice. Upside Down is not just an emotional song for me, it speaks for true love and patience and faith that everyone of us can have just to fight for what we feel.
2. The First Cut Is The Deepest. By Sheryl Crow. I love the way she sang it. The lyrics was good. There is always someone who can erase the pain from a previous relationship, someone whose willing to take the worst feeling that remains in you. Just learn to open your heart and forget the person that caused you so much pain. New love, new beginning, let it be your new life.
3. Volare (To Fly). Performed by Dean Martin. My favorite Italian song ever! It was a lively song specially when it was played in Lizzie McGuire the Movie. The song inspires me a lot. Telling me that I can do what I want. I can soar the sky like birds do. Though I can't understand much of the song because the lyrics was pure Italian, I can feel the Italian blood rushing in my body (no matter if I am pure Filipino).
4. On An Evening In Roma. By Dean Martin. An Italian song too. Whenever I listen to this song, I can feel the ambiance of Roma. The Italian food, the Italian accent, as if my soul is wandering in the beautiful city of Roma.
Upside Down, The First Cut Is The Deepest, Volare, On An Evening In Roma, Fallin', Stupid Mistake, Angels Brought Me Here, Stay The Same, Big Girls Don't Cry, Hand in my Pocket, Betcha By Golly Wow, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough5. Fallin'. By Robert Klein. But I liked it best when a woman sing this song. It gives meaning to the song more likely. I was never been afraid to fall, actually I always found myself falling for someone who's not willing to catch me. But I can easily fall, I know that, that's why I really love the chorus of this song.
6. Stupid Mistake. By Gareth Gates. From the title itself, we can tell what this song about. I can relate myself much to this because every now and then, stupid mistake has been my best friend. Though I am not planning to hurt someone, sometimes I didn't notice, I've hurt them. Stupid as it is. But it was really unintentional. 
7. Angels Brought Me Here. By Guy Sebastian. My friends says that whenever the hear this song, the remember me. Good thing. Because it is on the list. I love the whole part of the song. Every lyrics embrace my soul. I found the miracle of love, when angels brought you in my life. And I will be grateful, if you feels the same way too.
8. Stay The Same. By Joey Mcintyre. This song is dedicated to myself. There are certain things in our life that is hard to accept. Worst part is, it is our own self. Our body, our mind, our heart, but as I listen to this song, it is as if I am talking to myself and telling me that, no matter who I am, I must stay the same. The same person my friends love and adore. The same person with a good heart and true kindness. The same person that can sometimes be a bully and a bitch but can be a friend anyone would ever wished for. haha.
9. Big Girls Don't Cry. By Fergie. Hey I am a big girl now, does it mean I can't cry myself to sleep? No. But this song represents the bravery and courage of every big girls out there that has been hurt by their experiences. Big girls can always stand up and have a great smile on their faces.
10. Hand in my Pocket. By Alanis Morissette. This was really a very good song. Each part of the song represents me, except for the cigarette thing. "I'm broke but I'm happy". Sometimes, we can really feel the same emotions, the same thing, all we need to do is think and insist to ourselves that everything's gonna be fine, like what the song says.
11. Betcha By Golly Wow. I don't know the singer or the band but I am pretty sure that they were from 60's or 70's. Haha. Anyway, I found this song very cute. Really. It was old but very romantic. "Betcha by golly wow! You're the one that I've been waiting for forever..." See, I don't know, I just love the song.
12. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough. "I don't wanna lose, I don't wanna use you, just to have somebody by my side.." Dang! Every words in this song reminds me of the people who can't stay in a relationship because loving someone becomes too painful. And sometimes, love is not enough for them to stay, I can say that love was never been enough.
13. I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me. By BelleFire. The title. That's hurtful. I don't wanna feel those words. It's selfish though but knowing that someone feels fine and moved on without you, the person whom they used to love, it's just.. crushing of heart. Painful and unbearable. I love the song, but please, I don't want to experience it. Ever!
14. Do I Have To Cry For You. Tell me if I have to. Because if you say so, I wont. If you really love me, you won't ask my tears to fall for you. You'll never want to see me cry. I heard this song on MYX channel, I loved the video and gosh, Nick Carter was hot. I can feel the anger in this song, and the angst of what Carter want us to feel. The song was really hurtful but good as well.
15. Never Thought (That I Could Love). It is indeed a love song, or a wedding song. But hey, it is my favorite. Someday, I hope to hear this song plays while I am walking in the aisle along with the person I love. Here in the Philippines or abroad. We'll get married. :) Sing me this song, even if you haven't feel this feeling yet. "I never thought that I could love, someone as much as I love you, I know it's crazy but it's true".
I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me, Do I Have To Cry For You, Never Thought (That I Could Love), Light and Shade, Numb, Lose Yourself, Mirror Mirror, Hanging by a Moment, Lighthouse, Somebody16. Light and Shade. By Fra Lippo Lippi. "Be proud to wear the colors that you call your own". From the intro of this song, you can say that it is a lively song. For me, it tells me not to give up in this life. And it tells me to have the courage I so long waiting for myself to gain.
17. Numb. Linkin park's song that talks about my life. The moment I heard this song plays, I tell myself, this is the OST of myself. As in. I felt numb when people around me tells me who I should be, or decide for myself. I just let them do those things for me.
18. Lose Yourself. By the rap master, EMINEM, Marshall Mathers. Dang! This song is really genius. You must learn to stand on your feet, and once the opportunity is given to you, never ever blow that chance. Be what you are and be brave to follow what leads you to a life you're longing to have.
19. Mirror Mirror. I loved this song since I was a little. I just hope that I wouldn't see myself in pain, hurt and broken again in front of the mirror. I don't wanna be a fool again. Guess i'll use some brains now.
20. Hanging by a Moment. By Lifehouse. 12 years in the making and i still got the Last Song Syndrome in this song. I can't help it, i'm falling even more in love, deeper than I can ever imagined. Whenever I hear this song, there's one person that occurs in my mind and it makes me smile.
21. Lighthouse. By Westlife. I don't know when this song was released but the first time I heard this, God, This is the song I would love to dedicate for my special someone. giving me a light that nobody else can give. I had to find myself the title and the band who sang this song because I just heard it from the radio. Thanks to you, Google.
22. Somebody. By Depeche Mode. Gosh. The single community must have been wanting that "Somebody" in this song. Me, myself also do wanted that person to came in my life. I just I am holding that person now.

Done at last! I have not listed some, guess 22 is not enough since we have a lot of songs in our playlist.

I am not asking for a burnt CD of this songs, but if there's someone who'll give it to me, I'd be glad to accept and treasure the CD.

Hope we have some of the same songs. :)


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