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Saturday, June 16, 2012 0 comments

The Best Mid-Year Things in my Life in 2012

Okay. June of 2012 is not yet done. But so what? From January up to this date, many things happened so fast and yet so memorable. Things I never thought that will occur in my life. Let me remind myself of these things again...

January 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, Love

- I got myself a loving lover, a partner, a best friend, a boyfriend.
- I ended up my career on my previous company.

February 2012
2012, Life, Happiness

- Damn, we broke up! (the reason? best damned thing that you can think of)
- First Valentines with flowers and special someone.
- I got a new job as an SEO again.

March 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, Aleph, Paulo Coelho, Pyro olympics

- Got to watch the Pyro Olympics at SM Mall of Asia
- I got a Paulo Coelho's book 

April 2012
2012, Life, Happiness

- Malling with my best friends, done stuffs like singing in videoke and playing games in the arcade.
- We rode and experienced the Extreme (i sorta forget the ride hahaha!)
- I had a small dedicated cake that I've been craving for months!

May 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, keeping you a secret, julie anne peters

- First Summer escapade with my best friends on a white beach at Laiya Batangas. (Firts boating experience, snorkeling and ew things :) )
- I bought my very first LesBiGay book, written by Julie Anne Peters.

June 2012
2012, Life, Happiness, NKOTBSB, serenitea
- I watched a concert with the band I've always adored. The NKOTBSB concert.
- I saw the Azkal team face to face! :)
- I took a picture of me and Misagh. :)
- Swimming on a 9 Wave pool at San MAteo, Rizal.
- I tasted an Okinawa tea with Nata and 50% sugar at Serenitea.

Anyway, I guess I have forgotten some of the things, but hell, these ones are the most memorable to me. And sorry, I can't write the others. See? Time flies so fast. I had not noticed that June is already on its second week. And with tjis, we must really enjoy every second, minute and hour of our lives. Forget the hindrances. Just be ourselves and keep on smiling, even on our problems.

As of now, I am looking forward for July and the rest of the year. And July is my birth month actually. As a promise to myself, I will do extreme things on this year and I will do the things I've always wanted to do. This is the new me. Enjoying my life to the fullest as long as I can.

It doesn't matter if I live my life penniless, as long a I can live my life better and happier with the people who loves me, understands me accepted me for who I really am. For what I really am. :)