Sunday, July 1, 2012

22 Foods I Usually Crave For

I can't consider myself as a total food lover. I won't even try new foods that doesn't suit my taste. I don't know why, maybe because I was born to be this delicate in choosing the foods I'll eat.

No onions on pizza, no mayonnaise on fries, extremely no veggies, to tomatoes, etchetera, etchetera. However, things eventually changed. I have begun to try new foods, tried to eat some veggies and ate on restaurants I haven't tried before. But for some reasons, the same old taste lingers on my tongue and keeps myself crave for them more. 

As my birth month arrives, I'll start my "22 Whatever List" on the foods that my delicate taste buds desires:

1. Reese's Chocolate. My favorite chocolate ever! Peanut butter cups coated with Hershey's chocolate.
2. Crab. No matter how it was cooked, as long as it's a crab. It happened to me one time, when in almost one whole week I craved for crabs, I bought "talangka" and asked my lola to saute it on salt. And poof! I felt a pang of success!
3. Dunkin Donut Munchkins. I am not so into doughnuts but I love the taste of GoNuts Donuts. So why I crave for DD's Munchkins instead? I really don't know. Somehow, nothing can really beat the different flavors that drives me crazy on these munchkins. Choco Butternut and Choco Honey Dipped and of ccourse, Butternut!
Reese's Chocolate, Crab, Dunkin Donut Munchkins, McFloat&Fries, Pik-Nik, Chocolate Cup Cakes, Dark Chocolate, Macaroni Soup, Lomi,Sour Soup, Buko Pandan4. McFloat&Fries. Can't eat McD's fries without its coke float or my favorite, green apple float. Gladly, McD's are everywhere!
5. Pik-Nik.  A payday is nothing without a Cheddar Cheese Pik-Nik on my hand! Grab and Go. The smallest can when I am in thrifty mode, the biggest can when I can't help it.
6. Chocolate Cup Cakes . Customized cup cakes are cute, but I'll stick only to them when they are made of delicious and not-so-sweet chocolates.
7. Dark Chocolate. Meiji or not, I'll accept it. As long as it is black/dark chocolate. Yummy!
8. Macaroni Soup. The creamy Macaroni Soup I can find, as long as it is delicious. No matter on what weather condition we are, as soon as I crave for this, I'll buy it.
9. Lomi. Lomi with egg! So delicious. The only thing that amaze me with this food, as soon as I have it in front of me, the urge of wanting me to eat it, somehow disappears fast.
10. Sour Soup. Also known as the "Sinigang". I love this, specially with fish sauce and chili as the condiments.
11. Buko Pandan. Yeah. Now I can feel the eagerness to eat this. I started craving for this since the first time I tasted it on Max's. :)
12. Sandwich Ice Cream.  The only problem I got with this? I can't find a store that sells Moo Sandwich Ice Cream. That was my favorite!! I have tasted some, but still, Moo is different.
13. Lasagna. Okay. I can buy it anywhere. A deliciously baked lasagna is a one walk away or just a phone away. But hey, lets face it, I can tolerate myself to eat something like this every week. 
14. Yogurt. I may have eat this everyday, but somehow it is "nakakaumay". But I love it when it has a blueberry cheesecake on top. 
15. Coffee Flavored Ice Cream. Not chocolate, not vanilla, not strawberry, but COFFEE! I've always wanted to eat this, I'm craving for it because its been a while since I've eaten one. Nobody at home likes this much. That's why.
Sandwich Ice Cream, Lasagna, Yogurt, Coffee Flavored Ice Cream,, Blackforest Cake, Nachos, Fish Fillet, BreadTalk, Pudding, Milk Shake, Baked Mussels 16. Blackforest Cake. Same with Coffee flavored ice cream. can't buy a whole or even a piece because nobody at home wants this. And at the same time, its pretty costly. 
17. Nachos. Yum! Specially when the creamy cheese looks like its covering the nacho chips. So delicious!
18. Fish Fillet. Guess I can live only by eating this. Its been a month or two since I have eaten a delicious fish fillet. And I can't even remember where. It's mouth watering!
19. Beckham and Cheese paired with Zagu (Cappuccino). Yeah. Now it is very straight to the point. beckham and Cheese from BreadTalk, my favorite bakery on malls. Best midnight snack for me though.
20. Pudding. Filipino pudding. I love it, even if this kind of bread comes from one-day-old breads. It is delicious for me, sadly, I can't find a delicious baked pudding nowadays.
21. Milk Shake. I admit, it's easy to make and anytime I can have it when I crave for it, but, there are lots of shake shops out there for me to try. :)
22. Baked Mussels.  Let's admit it. Mussels can't be eaten anytime, there are times when they are infected by some viruses (can't remember the term my bad!). But believe, i love it when it is small and covered with cheese. Yummy!

These are my list. Numbers are just numbers, the foods from 1 to 22 were not listed in order of what I love and crave the most.

So please, would you eat with me along with these foods? Because I would love to! :)


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