Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Person in my Heart

Life is never really what we wanted it to be. But God gave us things we need and some precious gifts that we will always keep in our hearts.

God gave me this person whom I fell for. I love her. Yes a girl named Maybelle. We did fun, we had fun. We laughed at our silly jokes, fought over stupid conversations and slept with phone hung on our ears.  We were so different from each other. I am the emotional type with foolishness and she was the not-so-sweet type of person whom I always wanted her to be.

I am happy with her, a feeling I haven't felt for a long time. I feel secure with her, and I feel so special when she holds my hand. Fingers to fingers, so sweet as i remember.

I never regret letting her be a part of my life. She taught me things, she made me happy. Real happy. Taught me to stand on my own. Taught me on how to handle a good relationship. We used to fight a lot, but who cares? Its just a dumb fight.

I can't imagine living a life with her for eternity, so close to imagining a life without her either. Harder is to live the rest of my life without her. Whoa. Too fast! Haha. I had many dreams for us, together we must have achieve them. Together we will just be happy.

I imagine us together, silly as it seems, living in a house, just Maybelle and Bhadz. Watching our favorite movies over a plateful of fries and a Dairy Queen product. :) 

Those were the days. As I remember her, my heart always stomps. I can feel the rush of it. Wanting the feelings to be shouted. I still love her. Don't know until when, don't know why. I just do.
And hey, if ever you get the chance to read this, we can still have fun together, do the things we used to do.. You will always be special. Lets just take time and enjoy the ride :D

Ney, always be my ney. Though it sounds selfish. Lets keep it that way.


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