Sunday, September 4, 2011

If you're in her position, what will you do?

I don't know if I can tell this case, but who cares right? A close friend of mine is into severe thinking about her life and barely needs a smart solution. I don't know either what to tell her for whatever she has to do, it will lead to two possible things; either she will succeed or she will be haunted.

So here's the cue:

My friend is currently working for months in a company-that-must-not-be-named and experiencing some not quite the right way of labor. Why? How? Listed below is the problem...

◄ delayed salary for about five or more days
► no benefits ( no SSS or PhilHealth)
◄ 10 hours of work from Monday to Friday without salary increase
◄ Cash Bond to be given after her two year contract which has been deducted from her 6 months salary
► very strict authority
◄ low salary

For now, that is only the demand she's been talking since she worked on that company-that-must-not-be-named. And she, I and my friends are wondering what she will do. Waiting for two years is really long, and some good things might happen. But, can she surpass the problems that she will get after breaching her contract? Will an AWOL worth it (cause resigning is not really allowed, as she said).?

Our friends, from the very start told her to step out of that company because there far better companies out there. But if you were on her position, what will you do?

Where can her final decision lead her?

Thank you guys for giving an opinion. My friend will surely appreciate it.  :)

♥lady bhadz


angie said...

For my opinion dear. she better get out of that company, as you've said and describe above she better find a good paying job that deserve her skill and time. Let's be realistic here, it is true that today it's hard to find a good paying job but she graduated from college and she has skill and it must be a plus for her to find a good paying job. AWOL is not a solution just give them her resignation letter and the reason why she is resigning and be honest tell them the reason, AWOL is the worst case scenario, if she did it, it can ruin her reputation to other company and in the end she will come up with no job at all... I suggest to weigh things first before having a final decision. I'm not in the industry right now (because i'm not yet graduated from college :D) but I know how the system work for the companies. They can ban her if she AWOL from the job and the worst part there is they gonna spread out her name to other companies (sister company or somethin) but in the end only her decision will prevail . Good Luck to your friend :)

-angie :D

natalie said...

I don't know much about labor code, but I think there is something wrong with the bond that has to be deducted from salary. From what I know, it is an amount the employee agrees to pay to the employer the moment she leaves the company voluntary (example: resignation). That is the company's way to ensure the returns of all their training investments for you. But as long as you are with them, you DON'T have to pay for it. I, myself, had a bond with my previous employer. That was 50K for a 1-year contract. I did not pay any cent since i've been there for almost four years. I think that' s the same case with other companies.

And hey, no SSS is enough of a ground! (Well, I think.)

There are lots of these kind of companies nowadays. They will continue to amass wealth through the labor of their under-compensated employees. And that's sad!

Try contacting DOLE. They do reply.

Also, try reviewing the Labor Code

I hope this helps.

lady bhadz said...

You opinions and comments reatty matter.. I appreciate it and so with my friend.. They once went to DOLE but decided not to pursue it and just to leave.. The company really seems bad. Yung contract nila puro sa company's good nakasalalay..

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