Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friends As We Know Them

F - ragile
R - hetorical
I - mportant
E - ntertaining
N - atural
D - etermined
S - teadfast

for my entire life, it has always been my friends next to God and my family whom i treasure the most. Seeing how we grew apart, realizing how far we were now, is the hardest thing. But knowing that lots of them stays with you throughout your life is nothing but a gift. What is on top, is the meaning of FRIEND to me. Six words to describe them is not enough.

FRIENDS are fragile. Never ever think to break them. Handle it with care. Handle their trust with care. Because once you had it broken, the relationship can be ruined. For life.  do not hurt your friends, always think of what your tongue will say. Words, actions can always hurt people without noticing it. Always remember, your friends are as fragile as the most expensive glass in the world, once you break it, your world will be as if broken too. 

FRIENDS are rhetorical. Yes they are. Their words will enlighten you, hurt you and make you realized that you are wrong with some of your decisions yet still on your side to right what is wrong. Friends are rhetorical because they will give you the sweetest word to say how beautiful you are, how special you are and how important you are. 

FRIENDS are Important. Who woudn't say NO? Aside from you family, aside from our beloved God, friends are the most important thing in our lives. Friends describes who we are, what we are and why we are who we are. Friends are important because life can never be complete without having no one you can call a friend. Without any explanations, friends are just that IMPORTANT to our lives.

FRIENDS are entertaining. Who can make you laugh when your sad? Who can make your feelings enlighten when you are angry? Who are the people that can make your tonsils be seen in your humorous laughter? Friends right? Our friends are like clowns, they can and will make us happy whenever they can. Even when they are sad. Even when they have problems. That is a friend, someone to entertain you in your ups and downs.

FRIENDS are natural. They must be and THEY ARE. Natural for being true. Not a backstabber, not a plastic, not a social climber. A person is a friend when you know and she/he lets you see his/her natural self. And you accept it wholeheartedly. Friends are natural by being themselves no matter if they are nasty, naughty, hideous or gross. It doesn't really matter as long as they are natural. 

FRIENDS are determined. Determined to make you smile and be happy when problem arise. Determined to tease you when you are annoyed. Determined to knock your head when you are on the wrong foot. And determined to show you that you are so special and you are also a determined friend. 

FRIENDS are steadfast. When everybody has turned their backs at you, only true friend remained loyal. And these friends must be yours for life. If you found your steadfast friends, handle them with care for they are FRAGILE, listen to them for what they say are RHETORICAL, never leave them alone to show how IMPORTANT they are, be the one to be an ENTERTAINING friend, show your NATURAL concern, be DETERMINED to keep them, their trust and loyalty, and lastly, be as STEADFAST as they are.

have you found who your true friends are? These characteristics are not enough to describe one, but your heart can always know who they are. :)



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