Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Make Me Smile

        As i look back on my past, i remembered writing this poem when i was on my junior year on college.. It is about my dream love for a man whom never been mine.. Some who had read this poem said they can relate on this so-called "love&sad" poem.

i caught myself smiling
without knowing why
i saw your name
next to mine
it feels so right
can you blame me?

i caught myself smiling
without you knowing why
you keep my spirit high
you make me sad
you make me cry
yet i still love you.

i caught myself smiling
with you as my reason
now i know
the meaning of this
i can never catch myself smiling
if it wasn't because of you.

i saw the two of us
holding hands
walking, talking, laughing
it feels so right
my heart belongs to you
as my life revolves around you.

i love you.
if it is okay
if it not, still i will say
i love you
no matter what

i cant find words to say
i cant express in any way
i cant turn my back on you
i love you
even if its breaking me into pieces
i'll stay in love with you..

     Did you like it? I'll give you more if you stay on my page. Really, a love that is one-sided is hard and painful. Unrequited love is what we always felt.. What we must do is to face it and accept the risks. Be thankful that for once in our life, we fell in love. We felt love on our hearts. 


Rane Saga said...

so tru..♥ it..i never thought that you're a good poet..

Anonymous said...

nice poem . I like it so much

vabna islam said...

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sad love

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