Sunday, May 22, 2011

You and Me, From a Distance

This poem was written by when after our enrollment day for senior year. I was with friends when i saw him, a person once became part of my life.

from the stair i was sitting
i saw you greeting my friends
one by one
you look at 'em
smiling, saying hi
i was eager to see you
but that moment
a pang of jealousy didn't occur
not even a bit of excitement
i think i moved on

i was standing close to you
surrounded by friends
i felt my heart beats faster and louder
its hard for me to breath
i looked at you
hoping to catch your gaze
but only disappointment caught me
what was i expecting?
after talking and flirting with my friends
i thought it'll be easy for us
but it wasn't
so, i turned around
walked away
avoiding everything
anything that can upset me

but a question
popped into my head,
when i walked away,
did you care to look at me?

I never thought that after all those years, ill be still thinking of him..


Rane Saga said...

wow i love it...i don't know pero teary-eyed ako after reading it :-(

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