Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Best Friend's Love Affair

It's been a long time since i had my last post here in my blog. Well, i'm kinda busy. I just missed blogging and writing my thoughts, so here what comes to my mind.

Everybody has a best friend, a best buddy and somehow we call them our sister or brother. And as i remember one of my bestest friends, i came to writing about her. One of my bestfriend is Joanne. Joanne and I met in Rizal High School (a populated middle school in the Philippines) on our freshmen year. Because of the scotch tape, a strong friendship had started. Both of us were part of a clique called "famous", a clique that was destined to be forever.

Anyway, my best friend has never been a single lady (hmmmmmmmm...) or that's how i thought. We separated in college but still the friendship is there. Though we're not studying on the same university, we still share stories with each other. And now that we're already done on our studies, I've seen her being matured specially when it comes to love.

My best friend and her boyfriend. 

As for now, she has her new boyfriend and I swear I've never seen her that much in-love with a guy. I guess that guy is so lucky to have my best friend. See, she has this acronym for his boyfriend named Jeric Francis.


J – oy fills my heart when you’re around..
E – Mptiness , when I’m not with you
R – are love that is so magical
I – s what I got when you received my ‘yes’
C – ause this love of us is different and forever I will cherish.

F – ights, teasing and thoughtful cheer ups
R – omantic gestures and sweet messages
A – ffectionate eyes that lead me to you
N – eedless to say how I love you so
C – hildish as I can be, stubborn as I always will
I – vow to you now..
S – afe with me is your heart and soul. 

What can you say? Absolutely in love right? It was romantic. Any one who will get such sweet little things like this can be called pretty lucky. Because not everybody is being loved back by the people they adore.

I have lots of best friends, and i am proud to say that they are having a strong, honest and full-grown love relationships. Just like Joanne.  :D


Rane Saga said...

hopefully that would be her last and forever boyfriend..they look gud 2geder

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