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What is Life?

what is life where lived by yourself
chosen your own companions
in a box called home?

one is a cat, the other half is yours
to keep as lover and friend as well.

what is life where hit by sadness
when all you want 
is happiness to keep?

go far away then return back home
back in a place 
a place you want to leave.

what is life where the decision is yours
either bad or good
there's nothing to regret?

I hope I can live
In a life I have dreamed for
where reality lies
in this world full of misfortune.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 1 comments

The Launching of "Kain pa LinkBuilder na Matakaw!"

Does it seem that I have forgotten to post news stuffs on my blog? Of course not, yours truly is kinda busy doing some good things.

Here to follow is the launch of my newest blog, entitled: Kain pa LinkBuilder na Matakaw. This is going to be different but will talk about foods and drinks experience that I am gpoing through. 

If you are a food enthusiast or simply a food lover, come on and support the journey of our friend, ang Linkbuilder na Matakaw

Here's the snapshot:
Kain pa LinkBuilder na Matakaw
My newest blog:

Note: Don't worry about the posts, it'll be written in Filipino but in time, I'll translate them in English. 

Also, take time to visit her at 

Thanks for the suport!
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when love is...

Just created this.. I meant every word...

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What are these words?

Upon browsing Pinterest, my newest online addiction, I came through these three "new" words. Words that I never thought really do exist, words that in latter time will be used by me.


Han-gry, Hangry


Out these three words, I was amazed on the last one. Based on what I have read, it was one of the hardest term to translate. Well, who wouldn't think of that? I don't even have the idea on how to properly use it in a sentence :P


Thursday, June 13, 2013 1 comments

Living Things World Tour: Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013

The long wait is over! I waited when Scala Events announced that a Grammy Award Winning band will be having a concert here in Manila. It was then said that on May 8, at 8pm, they will be announcing this band. I waited till that day and hoping that this band would be the band of my dream. Who else? LINKIN PARK!

Living Things World Tour: Linkin Park Live in Manila, Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013, Living Things World Tour Manila, Linkin Park Philippines
Living Things World Tour: Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013
Monday, June 10, 2013 1 comments

When 23 Becomes An Age and Not Just A Number

31 days and I will reach the age of 23!! What's so exciting with birthdays anyway?? Well, if you ask me, I am excited for my yearly special day because of surprises and because it serves as the reunion of my closest friends. Also, it is the honoring of having been blessed of another year of my life.
birthday, july birthday, my birthday is coming

23 years, living on earth. What have i learned? What changes have I made? What else do I want? What advise can I give to the youth? (Uhmm, I don't want to think about that anyway) Haha! 

Lets see. Whether you are interested or not, just keep reading my post :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013 1 comments

When a New Alter Shows Up

Time will come that all you wanna do is shut your mouth and talk about nothing but listens to every word you'll hear around you. It's a feeling when you just want to keep yourself away from any mistake of wrong reactions and suggestions and beliefs. It's a feeling that you're not aware of but keep on occurring.

Today, I have no idea with myself taking a little low of being "makulit" and "kenkay". Another part of me is showing again. A part of Zephyr that I always knew was here but once in a blue moon to show up. I feel like I am Amapola (a fictional character from a book written by Ricky Lee). I have a new ALTER!!! And I don't know if this is okay. 

Maybe all I need is this blog. To write a little about how I am feelin' and everything will be okay again. There is no certain explanation of what I am having on my mind right now. All I know is that something is missing, something wants to space out, something wants to explode. I don't know what that is. I don't even want to think about it. All I need to do now is to WORK and get my JOB done. As in done. 

So, I hope that with this post, I will be able to think straight now.