Monday, June 10, 2013

When 23 Becomes An Age and Not Just A Number

31 days and I will reach the age of 23!! What's so exciting with birthdays anyway?? Well, if you ask me, I am excited for my yearly special day because of surprises and because it serves as the reunion of my closest friends. Also, it is the honoring of having been blessed of another year of my life.
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23 years, living on earth. What have i learned? What changes have I made? What else do I want? What advise can I give to the youth? (Uhmm, I don't want to think about that anyway) Haha! 

Lets see. Whether you are interested or not, just keep reading my post :)

What have I learned?
Hmmm.. For 23 years, I learned that forever in love is just a fantasy. At one point or another, a partner will leave you broken - either by death or by choice. I am not bitter, when it comes to love, I am just realistic. I have my own fantasies and happy endings on my mind, but I am not really sure if they will do happen. 

23 years old, 23 age
Another thing is that nothing is permanent, sometimes even a closest friend will become another face in the crowd without realizing it that soon. I learned that in every loses I will experience in my life, I shall be ready and face it with two things - fighting and accepting.

23 years, I don't know if I am old enough or young still to discuss every little things that I know of as of now. But I am proud to say that in this early age, I am able to do some of the things that I want and promised myself to do. 

Being a pet mother is as important as being a real mother. I am now a pet mother to my persian cat named Toothless - the greatest can in the world! Of course I would say that, after all he's mine. He is smart, lazy and loves to as well. Just like me. I think we shared the same attitude. He's hard-headed too!
pet cat, persian cat, toothless
Toothless and Me :)

What changes have I made?
I thing there are 5 changes in my life before I embraced the age of 23. I knew myself better, I became an adventurer, I gained new friends, I became tough and I became fat.

I knew myself better - I think I have known this inner part of me even before. It's just that nobody's there to  make me realize the real me. What I want and who I really am. Being  part of this new world is risky, exciting and can be too harmful especially with the people around me. But whatever what I have become, I am hoping that nothing would be different and people will accept me with wide arms open without negative opinions.

I became an adventurer - I was afraid of the sea though I am so in-love with its beauty. But later this year, I learned how too go to the middle of the sea with no fear in my heart. I decided to go down deep and see that beauty that the abyss is offering me. I become less fearful, I was able to ride on a high ferris wheel, seeing myself looking from up above. Along the way, I will add more spice of adventure in my life, until I reach the point of taking myself a picture on a long hanging bridge I could ever imagine.

I gained new friends - and I loss some. That's life. But having new friends is not an old statement to me. I am an easy goer and friendly as well. But I also talk a lot. Some are mean but mostly are true. I am not a beautiful woman but I speak for what I see. And I thanked those people who became a new friend to me even with my bad side.

I became tough - I promised to myself that I won't let anybody hurt me unless I gave them the permission to do so. I am emotional and I can cry easily, my heart can easily be broken but that was before. Before I realize how I loved myself. 

I became FAT - the least I wanted. Haha. My arms were too big and so with my tummy. I used to be proud with my body. And now I missed it. I eat a lot. But I don't exercise too much. That's the problem. Still, I am happy that somebody is so fond of me even when I am having a big body now. 

What else do I want?
Of course at the age of 23, everything that I wanted are on my mind as is.. Hmm.. here are the list that I want to get on 1 year of being in the age of 23:

Birthday Wish

  • A romantic surprise. It doesn't need to be expensive, a little do over with an idea of romantic surprise from a movie can do. 
  • Another cat? Of course my Toothless needs a partner too.
  • Funds. I need to earn and save for the things that I want.
  • I want acceptance.
  • I want a condo unit of my own, or a house of my own. 
There. Just 5 for the moment. I won't mind adding some on the list later this year. :)

Thanks for reading! 


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