Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday Dilemma? Not AT All!

Today is Saturday. After having myself busy at Cubao to meet a friend, have some breakfast and drink some cheap lemon tea, here I am in the office, again. I love the ambiance here in the office especially when I can do anything because less people are here today. Wondering of what to do next before I meet another set of friends to do food tripping somewhere (can’t tell where), I decided to put my thoughts on notes.

It’s pretty amazing to look on my desktop’s background. I have his handsome face as my wallpaper. It really gives me the inspiration I've been longing to feel. By seeing his face, I want to strive more, harder, just to make sure he’ll notice me. Erase that, he already notice me, what I want is to get close to him, even as a friend.

So, here I am, typing while my eyes are all locked to see his face, mind blowing with crazy thoughts and ears that listens to a voice that used to irritates me.

I have a lot of things to write. I have a lot of things to share. God never fails to bless me with positivity and good days. He put me to a situation where I pushed myself to the limit of becoming better. I've learned the true meaning of sacrifice, love, friendship and being me. Now, my life is better than yesterday.

 The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.

And if ever I finally decided to leave, I won’t worry because I have a great back-up. I have God, which I know will never let me down. And my friends will always be there for me. But if I decided to stay a little longer, few months or a year, I guess it’s my choice to get stranded on a place where I can see a part of my dream. In a daily basis. 


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