Friday, June 13, 2014

I Wish I was a Daddy’s Girl

23 years and I haven’t met my father. I do know his name, his province and a little something about his life. I never get tired of thinking that someday, one day, I will be able to meet him.

23 years and I am wondering. Does this man ever wonder where I am? What I have become? Or if I am still alive? Because that’s how I care about him. I am thinking about him, what he really looks like or if he even is still alive.

Father23 years and I’m chasing this man that I shouldn't be chasing at all. He should be the one to chase me. He should be the one to find me. He should be the one to reconcile.

 I never had anger inside my heart. I can never be mad at him. I am not aware of the real story. I have no idea what happened. Why he left me. Why he is not here with me. All I know is somewhere out there, I do have a father.

I wish I have him. Here. With Me. I wish I was a Daddy’s Girl. I wish I have a dad whom will guide me and teach me about guys. I want a father-daughter relationship like how I watched them in the movies. I want a father who’ll drive me to school, to work, to my friends’ house just to make sure that I am okay. I want a father who’ll stay beside me specially on my darkest hour. And above all, I want my own Father.

June is the time when we celebrate Father’s Day. 23 years and I never cared about this “special day”. Why should I? But this year, I decided to finally write something about this day.

So, for my father, I want to greet you a Happy Father’s Day. I hope you are well. And someday, when I am ready enough, I will be the one to come after you. 


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