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Monday, June 30, 2014 0 comments

Its July Baby! Its July!

July, July Baby

Hello July!!! Please be good to me! Pretty please?

Oh come on! Do I really have to say these words? I really hope not! July is my birth month. And I am hoping that no one nor nothing is going to ruin this special month for me. Please try not to create more drama in my life. I am so over these dramatic cliché! I want changes. And I want to believe that this is possible.

24 years have passed. Many things have changed. I am not the same girl that I used to be on my 18th birthday. And I am not the same lady that I used to be a year ago. Now that I am about to enter another stage of my life, I could say that I am proud of what I have become.

Stronger. Fiercer. More mature. Have learned a lot from previous experiences. This is Zephyr. The new Zephyr. Though I am still vulnerable to pain, I can say that now, I am more prepared on how people will treat me. I became an open-minded young lady that can accept that fact that some people could never like me, or treat me nice. Some people will come and then leave with no apparent reason. And my response on these things will always be: “That's OK”.

For the biggest change in my life. I will start with LOVE. Yes, love. I hope that I can do this one. I will now focus on my job, on my career, on what I truly want in my life, I will focus on myself now. I am turning 24 and I want to see myself as a successful young woman at the age of 25. As I would say, “tama na muna ang landi, trabaho muna!”. No more chasing. No more boys. No more thinking about my ex. This time, my life will just revolve around me, my family, my job and my friends.

So July, bring on the rain! Bring on all the positive vibes. I know we can make it. I can make it.

First Day of July 2014.