Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Experienced with PyroMusical in the Philippines

03.17.2012 /Saturday

It was the last show of PyroMusical competition in the Philippines for this year. Gladly, I was given the chance to witness this spectacular show. It was Italy who last to performed, because, Philippines as the host, doesn't compete (or just what i thought). Again, I felt so proud to be on MOA and capturing the whole event that night. I super love Italy and I felt a sudden rush of proud when they started to light up the sky. It was so beautiful, so magical. I had released every negative vibes I had in my body in an instant.

That is of course I am so into fireworks. I don't know why, but it really has that spark that telling me that everything is gonna be alright. As you can follow my journey, my life is hanging by a thread.

Anyway, the competition was amazing. At last, it was Canada that won. Too bad for I haven't seen them performed. When the Philippines performed, it looked so dull. Because it was so quiet. The band stopped playing music. Everyone was staring at the sky. But in the middle of those lights, everybody gasped on what we saw in the sky. Though music is out, I knew that everybody felt proud of being a Filipino. We saw an infinity sign which is so in here in our country for now, an infinity sign to tell us that hope never ends. Then a smiley, that seem to show every one on that place that we never stop smiling even on our down fall. And those cute hearts that I think, telling us to love equally and that we Filipinos have so much love with each other. Whether it is for a family, a lover, a friend, for God - still it is love.

When the competition has ended, most of the people leaved the bay-side, but we stayed there, waiting for some aftershock show. And we didn't failed ourselves. We just witnessed another fireworks display that is really magical. Especially the ending. It was so fantastic. There we were, sitting on the bay-side, watching the lights as it illuminates the sea. I just can live there and imagine the life I've always wanted. I felt so FREE and ALIVE. This chance of watching this competition is really a gift to me.

Thanks to my best friend whose always there specially when i needed he so bad. :) Joanne you're the bhez!

As of now, I can't wait for another PyroMusical competition. I can't wait to witness another spectacular lighting to our beautiful and wild sky.


Dharius said...

This blog was so sakit talaga sa mata.. Please pa bago naman ng theme ohh.. hindi mabasa. ahaha

Anonymous said...

tama ung Dharius! :)

lady bhadz said...

sorry about the design. i'll be working on it :)

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