Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time is Up!

In this fast changing world, what is the biggest change you want to happen in your life? We are now in 2012, modern day with full of different technologies, cafe bars everywhere, gimmick places at the corner and Maria Clara's out of hand. I am a 21 year old lady, turning 22 on July, and no big changes happened to me when it comes to TIME.

Yes. Time. I am pressured with time. Everyone knows that. Every time I go to parties, to the mall, to my school (even when I'm in college) or even I'm on work, one thing is for sure - I have to go home EARLY.  I never had a fun solid time with my friends because we are always concerned with my time. Afraid that when I go home, I might get a "sermon" - with full of bad words in it. At 8pm (which is pretty early for our generation), my phone will start ringing, full of text and unanswered calls. By that, it means that i Have to pack my things and fly myself home. Pathetic as it may seem. But how can I refused? Thanks to "utang na loob" I can't enjoy my life.

Time is Up! As always. And I am so tired with this! I want to enjoy my life. Stay up late on a bar, be with my friends on an overnight party, be drunk and be wild. I wonder, how old can i be till I'm allowed to do such things.

To my friends, I always envy you for having a time of your own. And I always feel guilty for you always think about me in every "gora". And I thanks you all for that.

We'll just have to pray for that time where I can say that this time is gonna be my time. No Time is UP rule.


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